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Funeral Guidance

To: The Families of our Area

We know the importance of planning for the future. Our 

funeral home began serving this area in 1975; we have been serving families from our new 

facility located at 436 South Mountain Blvd. Our building is a reflection of our desire to help 

the members of our community deal with death in a place where both small and large groups 

can feel a sense of belonging, warmth and love at their point of greatest loss. We believe that a 

funeral is a personal expression of tribute to the life the person has lived. 

Pre-planning your own funeral is a way to ensure that your family members will have a detailed 

understanding of the type of service you desire. This will alleviate these hard decisions when 

they are enduring a time of grief, decisions many people are perhaps making by themselves for 

the very first time.

 We know that there are many people in this community who are interested in pre-planning 

their funeral. Many of you have already taken the time to plan your services with us and we 

thank you. If you have not already taken care of this important process, we would encourage 

you to contact us to discuss the type of service you desire. Pre-paying relieves your surviving 

relatives from the financial burden of paying for your funeral at the time of death and guarantees 

that you will not have to pay any more than today’s current price for the services you select.

The reason for this letter is to thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful 

community. We will be honored to share our service options with you at 

your convenience. 

Funeral Planning: What should be considered.

Planning a funeral is a sad and tragic thing to do; however, it is something that almost all of us will have to do at least once in our lifetime. Planning a funeral is something that can be done by one person; however, it often takes a combination of family members. No matter who is in charge of funeral planning it is an important process where a number of factors should be considered.

One of the main reasons why funeral planning involves a number of individuals is because it allows everyone, or almost everyone, to be satisfied with the choices. One of the most important choices in funeral planning is the decision to have a body buried in a casket or cremated. There are many individuals who are against cremation while others are for it. This is why it is extremely important to have family input when making this important funeral planning decision.

Perhaps one of the most important decisions in funeral planning is the casket or urn that is selected. This is an important funeral planning decision because the remains of a loved one will forever be buried or stored in the item that was selected.

With burial urns it is now possible for even cremated remains to be buried underground in a cemetery. Whether a casket or a burial urn is being used, a cemetery will have to be selected. There are many families who prefer to have their loved one's remains buried in a cemetery with previously deceased family members or in a cemetery that is close to their home.

Before a cemetery burial occurs it is likely that calling hours or a funeral service may be planned. These two events are used to give family, friends, and co-workers the opportunity to mourn and pay their respects to the individuals who passed away and the family that was left behind. While many funeral services and calling hours are open to the public it is possible to have a private service. This is an important funeral planning decision that should involve multiple family members.

As previously mentioned, funeral planning is a process that almost all individuals must do at least once in their lifetime. If this is your first time planning a funeral you are encouraged to take the above mentioned items into consideration when making important funeral planning decisions.

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